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Deliver your visual and audio advertising message to a geo-targeted, attentive audience.

Cost effective and location specific.

Advertising messages can be inserted into the broadcast stream, and can be broadcast to all active users or only to drivers currently within a specific geographic area. Sponsors can also have banner ads or other visuals on any corresponding website and on the smartphone app itself.

Currently, audio ads are placed at beginning and end of each group of advisories (one broadcast) and can also be placed at prescribed intervals.

The platform has the ability to inject audio ads into the broadcast stream in several ways;

  • One sponsorship message played for all users, at the beginning (and/or ending) of every broadcast stream.
  • Varying advertisements at the beginning (and/or ending) of every broadcast stream - but played only for users who are near a specific geographic location.
  • Varying advertisements at the beginning (and/or ending) of every broadcast stream - but played only at specific times of day.

The app has the ability to cross-launch your company app1

  • If a user has not installed your app already, the first time they press your logo they will shortcut to download and install it.
  • If a user has already installed your app, when they press your logo, your app will launch.

Benefits to advertisers:

  • The audience for the GeoTalker ads is a targeted, attentive audience - in vehicles with common needs based on vehicle use.
  • Geo tagged delivery allows audio ads to be directed to listeners in specific geographic areas within a defined range, permitting a distance as small as a few miles from a specific location (a specific latitude and longitude). Advertising dollars can be directed to geographically placed listeners.
  • A sponsor on the GeoTalker app will be affiliated with a safe and responsible method of content delivery to drivers.
  • A record of each audio ad delivery can be provided to the advertiser including the date, time and location of each broadcast.
  • With cross-launching apps, advertisers may see increased downloads/utilization of their own apps.

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1Cross-launch can be accommodated with most Android apps. Cross launch for your IOS based app may require changes to your app.