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A new tolling component for GeoTalker™ Mobile Apps. No credit card needed. No transponder needed.

How It Works:

Activate the e-CashToll™ app for the first time.

  • The app will automatically assign your device a unique account number for e-CashToll™.
  • Simply enter your vehicle's license plate number into the app.
  • After first activation, re-enter license information only if you get a new license plate or new mobile device.

Put money into the e-CashToll™ account

  • Go to a participating retailer.
  • Let the clerk scan the bar code on the app, and give the clerk a cash payment.
  • The clerk's system will send the deposit information to the e-CashToll™ system - the payment will print on your receipt, and on your app.

Drive the toll road

  • With the app active, just drive the toll road as usual, but now use the E-ZPass lanes.
  • The app will track entry and exit and calculate the toll, and register the deduction.
  • A record of the trip and the toll will be available to the user, the agency and third-party vendors.

Download the e-CashToll™ product sheet

The Backend Processes:

Interface with accounting system

  • Violator license plates and weight class are matched to e-CashToll™ registered users.
  • If both plate and class match, no violation is issued.
  • If plate matches but class is different, an adjustment is made to the e-CashToll™ user account.
  • If no match, or incomplete data, then violation processed as usual.

Interface with customer

  • Record of trip, deposits and tolls assessed available on app (and web).
  • A credit card could be used to make deposits instead of cash.
  • If done in conjunction with a GeoTalker™ app, all other GeoTalker™ functions continue as usual, broadcasting ongoing audio information nearby the traveler.

Interface with retail store

  • Settlement of funds between the retailer and the agency occurs as usual.