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Information Logistics creates, designs and builds award-winning technology supporting public information, public-facing services and internal communications for the transportation industry. We provide the highest quality communication services, the most responsive customer service and the most skilled engineers and technicians in the industry to fully support our clients' technology needs.

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mobile applications

Transportation Solutions

Information Logistics creates apps for gathering internal data for public distribution, for internal dispatch/tracking, and for providing geo-centric information to the public in a hands-free, eyes-free manner.

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web design

Custom Solutions

Your organization has a special concern and would like to explore a technology solution. Information Logistics listens carefully, and lays out possible solutions. Working with your team, we select solutions, scope the project, and develop the right solution. With our communications and geospatial platforms, we are uniquely positioned to be your creative development team.

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application development

IOLTA Solutions

Information Logistics provides a management platform for trust accounting. From basic management and reporting to online registration, we can help with your IOLTA automation.

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