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On Edge with Avital and Kim. What would you do?

On Edge


"Are you the person I was texting with about an hour ago?"

"Yep, that's me. I'm calling to see how you are. You stopped answering my texts."

"I feel better just hearing your voice. Even if the news is bad, I feel better this minute."

"The news is not bad, just difficult."

"The gas ran out a couple of minutes ago."

"I know. I estimated how long your gas would last when we first texted, Avital, and that's another reason I called."

"Well you called at the perfect time. I'm getting really cold and I know I'm a low priority. The rescuers will be taking care of fires and crash injuries first, then cars with babies and kids, and finally people like me." Avital started to cry. "I was thinking about dying."

"Can you work together with me to get you some better options? In case you forgot, my name is Kim."

"I'll do whatever I can. Keep talking, Kim. Your voice seems to warm me up."

"It turns out there is an opening in the fence a quarter of a mile in front of you for use by maintenance workers, not wide enough for a car. If you exit there and go three blocks, on the next block there are two open gas stations. Five gallons of gas will let you idle and keep warm at least 10 hours."

"How can I get it?"

"I don't know your physical condition or even if you are dressed to walk that far in this weather and accumulated snow. So let's check some options. First, you could walk there and back. You see what the weather's like, and the weight of the 5 gallons and can is 33 pounds. Second, I have found an EMT in a car between where you are and the fence opening. He is going for 10 gallons, but said he could carry 3 or maybe 4 cans depending on they type of handles they have. Also he offers to walk along with any others who are also walking. Third, I called both gas stations. They have only one person on duty this time of night, but both agreed to call in at least one more worker who could deliver cans of gas to cars. This option is shaky until at least one worker checks in. Any of these work for you? Don't choose an option you would not feel safe with, Avital."

"I could get there and carry my own gas, no problem. I would feel safer with someone, but I don't know this man, the EMT."

"Right now 3 other people are walking to his car to join him and walk up together. He is actually in uniform because he was on his way to work when he got stuck in this jam. Of course, size things up for yourself. I'll stay on the line with you until you meet the group and feel safe in your choice, if you wish."

"Kim, I'm only being paranoid because I'm cold, but what could you do if the situation were bad when I got there?"

"If it's unsafe, just say 'unsafe' to me and call 9-1-1. While you're doing that I'll contact the first responders in the vehicles near you and tell them the problem. There are 3 along the quarter mile you will be walking, two off-duty firefighters and one off-duty officer."

"I've got my coat on and am leaving the car right now. Help other people, Kim. I've got this."

"Let me know how it works out."

Testing the Edge

Answer one question and win points by picking the best of four possible answers to the question. All the answers may be correct, but on The Edge, you expect the best. The best will win 10 points, the lesser ones will win fewer points.

What can these points be used for? OK, first of all it's fun just to win, and it's even more fun to be right or best. A bit like solving Wordle in 3 lines. So, there's that, the fun of it. Beyond that, we are working on it. This is the first issue of The Edge, after all. We're considering free use of our simulators for high scorers, or maybe membership in our new product testing group.

Just send your answer to Include your name so we can keep track of points. We will answer back the number of points you just won, and how many you have won in total.

Don't hesitate to invite your friends, family members, coworkers, and others to play, and just forward The Edge to them. Who knows, you may even be able to talk them into giving you the points they win. It's ok with us.

So enjoy today's question on the communications dialog you read above, On Edge:

What was the main thing the Comms officer Kim, did for Avital?

  • A. She empowered and supported her.
  • B. She taught Avital new skills: assess risk, reduce risk, accept a reasonable amount of risk.
  • C. She solved Avital's problem. Avital got fuel, stayed warm.
  • D. She helped Avital identify, locate, and use available resources to solve a problem.