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Traveler Reporting Mobile App with safety first.

CitRep, the newest in-a-box component for the GeoTalker platform, allows transportation agencies to ask travelers to help improve operation center situational awareness. Travelers can report on any number of roadway conditions important to your agency.

CitRep is a mobile app for Android and iPhone with a user-friendly interface. It connects to a robust back-end management system that allows operations centers to see what was reported, where it was reported, and who submitted the report. Users can report on weather, visibility, snow/ice spots, hazards/incidents, traffic, or other agency-defined conditions.

Using an easy web interface, operations center staff can view all reports, map individual reports or even blacklist items or problem users. Staff can also receive email alerts when certain types or numbers of reports are submitted. CitRep can be customized to interface with your ATIS system to facilitate transforming user submitted reports into agency-issued alerts.

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