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Incident Response & Information System Overview


511Connect is an innovative system for establishing direct two-way communications with customers during roadway closures or other emergencies. With a simple dashboard, agencies can instantly activate a dynamic website, a text messaging system, and a phone system for communicating directly with travelers.

511Connect also integrates with federal wireless emergency alert systems (i.e. IPAWS).

In areas with poor cell coverage, 511Connect Tactical Devices can be used to create hotspots for accessing the system.

Benefits for the Organization

  • No app needed
  • Clearer picture of the event queue length
  • Better information on types of vehicles and passengers involved in the event
  • First-hand information from effected drivers
  • Familiar technologies
  • Coverage in dead zones with 511Connect tactical devices
  • Minimal staff interaction required
  • Simple interaction for mass notifications

Benefits for the Customer

  • No app needed
  • Official updates and latest relevant information delivered directly to the traveler
  • Updates delivered in the method most convenient for the traveler (phone call, text message, visit web page)
  • No need to comb through social media postings to find current and accurate information
  • Agencies have access to the location of participating travelers
  • Automated status update reminders prompt the organization to remain aware of driver status

Creating a New Closure

The agency draws a boundary around the effected area on a map. These coordinates are used to identify and communicate with travelers.

Managing Questions

The operator enters information that is displayed on a dynamic special event web page. It also populates an IVR phone system. The information includes event-specific questions for effected travelers.

Customer Side

Travelers call the IVR phone number or visit the event web site and sign in as a part of the event. Travelers respond to event-specific questions, including their preferred method of contact (text or phone call).

Communicating with Customers

Traveler locations are displayed on a map. Throughout the event, operators send messages to registered travelers, which are delivered via text or automated phone call. The emergency web page and IVR phone system are automatically, simultaneously updated.

The Dead Zone

If IRIS Tactical Devices are deployed, the devices will provide mobile hot spots that give access to the latest updates in areas with poor cell coverage, or if cell coverage is otherwise unavailable.